Spring 2019 Newsletter

Well here we are, March 20th, the first day of Spring. Now, hopefully, we can put away the snowblower and prepare for some warmer weather. Just remember when working on your snowblower to take the precaution of removing the spark plug before you start doing any maintenance chores. Leaving the spark plug in is just asking for an accident to happen. It doesn't take much to loose finger(s) or a hand in the snowblowers auger.

The same care should be taken when breaking out those springtime tools, e.g. chainsaws, hedge cutters, lawnmowers etc. When tuning them up, again remove the spark plug, or unplug the extension cord. Check extension cords for nicks and frayed wires.

Even though it is the start of spring there will be those mornings with frost on the windshields and black ice on the roads. Take extra care when responding to alarms when these conditions exist.

Safety officers should review their policies and SOP's and make sure they are up to date and in compliance with NYS and Federal statutes. Hold Health and Safety refresher classes for their members.

All policyholders should review the most current NYSDOH Policy No. 13-02 entitled Recommendations for Health and Safety Officer (HSO).

Always remember to "buckle-up" and use "Spotters", when backing up. You may think you are safe because you are in an enclosed cab but in an accident you will find yourself bouncing off of the walls that enclose you in the cab. Don't put your Chiefs or Officers in the awkward position of having to inform a loved one that you were injured because you were not buckled up.

Be Safe.

FDMNY Board of Director's

Committed to protecting
the volunteer firefighter community