Summer 2020 Newsletter

Now that summer has officially arrived let's keep in mind that with the warmer weather we are faced with different exposures at alarms. Heat exhaustion, heat stroke and de-hydration will become problems on the fire ground. Remember, if you become thirsty it's a sign of pending de-hydration. By drinking fluids, you reduce the chances of de-hydration. Drinking soft drinks, alcoholic beverages are not recommended as a source of fluids for re-hydration. If anything they will make for other problems.

With summer comes the backyard Bar-B-Q season and pool parties. Educating your community on Bar-B-Q safety, including propane, should be on your list of things to do. An even higher concern is the potential for pool drowning incidents. Training your community in pool safety and CPR should also be on the top of your list.

Always remember to "buckle-up" and use "Spotters", when backing up. You may think you are safe because you are in an enclosed cab but in an accident you will find yourself bouncing off of the walls that enclose you in the cab. Don't put your Chiefs or Officers in the awkward position of having to inform a loved one that you were injured because you were not buckled up.

Be Safe.

FDMNY Board of Director's

Committed to protecting
the volunteer firefighter community