Public Safety Officer's Benefit Act

In addition to the state benefits under the Volunteer Firefighters Benefit Law, the federal government now provides a death benefit (annually adjusted every October for Consumer Price Index" to the surfing dependents of paid and volunteer firefighters, as well as law enforcement officers, who die from an injury sustained while in the performance of their duties.

These federal benefits come within the scope of the Public Safety Officers’ Benefit Act‐1976 administered by the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration.

Click here for information on applications for any paid or volunteer firefighter who dies in the line of duty on or after September 19, 1976.

Please Note: If a volunteer firefighter from another fire district volunteers his or her services during an emergency and such services (other than mutual aid) are accepted by the officer in charge, then such firefighter, if he/she is injured in the line of duty, is covered under your district's Volunteer Firefighters Benefit Law policy.

Volunteer firefighters of the municipalities or assureds responding under mutual aid covered under their own jurisdiction and are not the responsibility of the department requesting mutual aid.

If a non-reportable accident later develops into one which requires medical treatment or causes loss of time from employment, then the C-2F form should be filed immediately. A copy of your internal report (VF-1) should also be sent to us, FDM. VF-1 forms should not be sent to the Worker's Compensation Board.

If a fire district learns of any new developments regarding a case after the C-2F has been filed, please notify the Fire District of New York Mutual Insurance Company, Inc. (FDM)

If you are doubtful as to whether the case falls under the provisions of the Volunteer Firefighters' Benefit Law or if you are suspicious as to the validity of the claim, immediately notify FDM in writing.

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